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Thursday, October 6, 2011

In Honor of Britain's National Poetry Day

    A Modest Proposal of Feline Taxonomy
       by Dr. Prof. Erwin Fuzzwinkle, Ph. D. of the Humane Society

    The gluttony of kittens Littered all together,
    In gastronomic terms, is not to be denied.
    And we all know; when hungry lions hunt in tether,
    Regardless who eats what, their union’s called a Pride.
    But amidst all this feline blood and bone relation,
    And putting taxonomic subtleties aside,
    There is a moral fact of minor consternation:
    And it is one that begs our Conscience to decide.

    What should we call the mangy clutter whose survival
    Is put at risk upon the passing of the stray,
    Who took them in against a lonely night’s arrival
    And fed and nurtured them through each long, empty day--
    Until they grew into a procreative nation—
    And, maybe, claimed that they were needed for “the rats”?
    This is a clan without relation now, or station.
    This, I propose, we call a “Tragedy” of cats.

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